Here at H & M Marine we are extremely particular about what we demand in a boat, which is why we only stand behind brands that we rank as top in their class. Defiance Boats is a top of the line boat maker with an extraordinary commitment to quality, innovative design, and an overall boating experience. We love to fish and cruise - Defiance does it right.

And here are some other reasons we sell Defiance Boats


100% Composite Construction.

Defiance Boats use only the finest in composite materials available today to build Defiance Boats.

By utilizing a construction method that uses no wood materials you can rest assured that your boat is built to last and the structural components of the boat will never rot or fail. With Wood constructed stringers and transoms like many of our competitors use, structural failure is just one screw away. Many of these builders will tell you that they encapsulate the wood well enough that the wood never comes in contact with water and therefore will never rot.

This is a very optimistic approach. Failures in wood stringers and wood floors do happen. Thousands of people have had to replace a soft floor, or replace the stringers in a boat that is often less than 10 years old. Why take the risk. Buy a boat that can’t rot, and that you don’t have to worry every time you install a new option on your boat whether every screw was installed and sealed perfectly.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the materials in your boat will fail, you just need to worry about where your going fishing next. Don’t make a mistake and buy a boat made from Less Expensive wood materials just to save a few dollars.

Buy the finest from the beginning and rest at ease.

Lifetime Limited Structural Hull Warranty.

Because Defiance Boats uses only the finest composite materials available today, they offer one of the most aggressive warranties on the market today.

Where most competitors try to get away with the shortest warranty that they can get away with, Defiance Boats opted to offer one of the finest warranties in the marine industry.

Engineering Advantage.

At Defiance boats all of their new boats are designed using the finest in computer design technology. By utilizing the latest in CAD/CAM design and modeling they can design boats that are more efficient, better riding and built stronger structurally by designing their laminate structures and other structural components of the boat before the first boat ever leaves the factory.


Defiance Boats are extremely versatile and functional.

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