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65 HP - 150 HP

Maximize your boating adventure with Mercury's 65-150 HP outboard motors. Precision-engineered for peak power and efficiency, these motors showcase advanced electronic fuel injection, ensuring responsive control, unmatched reliability, and environmentally conscious performance. Select Mercury for an outstanding time on the water, blending power, efficiency, and reliability to create an unparalleled boating experience. Explore our range of 65-150 HP Mercury outboard motors and enjoy precision engineering that elevates your boating adventures.

75 hp - 150 hp

Reliable, strong, durable and efficient.


65 hp - 80 hp

Fly over shallow water obstacles with the greatest of ease. Quick and easy.


75hp - 150 hp

A commercial grade engine that works as hard as your do.


115 hp- 150 hp

Built for speed.

Discover the Brilliance of 65-150 HP Outboard Motors in San Francisco's Bay! Elevate your boating escapades with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled reliability. Immerse yourself in the ultimate marine experience – choose Mercury and wield unmatched power on the iconic waters of San Francisco! Explore the added convenience of expert marine servicing, available at our store/office situated at 400 Harbor Drive, Sausalito. Rely on Mercury for avant-garde marine solutions that redefine your voyage on the water.
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